Transformation Capability Building Blocks

Capability 1

1: Find Authorized Dealer/ Distributor 
Featuring Sku based or product list and channel authorized/ active (vs. a general list of channels and locations) plus other features (forced rankings on two dimensions) and optional customer delegated administration (contact info, lead routing, ordering instructions) 

Capability 2

2: Ecommerce Direct to Customer (DTC/ DTB)
Each concept and store features custom branding, assortments and pricing as well as varied payment and fulfillment options. Innovative concepts allow new stores or sub-sites to be configured in as little as 10 minutes with complete tracking and analytics to monetize any Sales or Marketing activity same day, same hour. Executed through the following concepts:
Ecommerce Full Store to satisfy demand for all brands, long tail items, parts, accessories, promotional items, custom products and ideal for any special process products

Campaign Based Assortments and Campaign Based Landing Pages (Pardot) to monetize campaigns or initiate next purchase channel leads integrated back into a CRM (Salesforce) 

Account Based Stores – Customer/ Account including Employee stores co-branded. B2B includes Account approved/ on contract assortments and where applicable customer specific pricing

Channel Co-branded Stores alternative to the normal ordering process allowing for up to a 90% reduction in transaction costs while providing the Channel Members customers a co-branded experience and access to all manufacturer brands, products, accessories and parts

New Product Introductions for customer/ market acceptance, pre-sell, test/ build demand, earn customer insights and generate leads

Capability 3

3: Referral/ Affiliate
Product/ SKU Based Referrals with up to 8% commissions (where Amazon Associates), full tracking/ reporting and *other benefits turn-key through a repeatable, scale process.

Capability 4

4: Order Now/ Buy Now Buttons
In addition to a Find Authorized Dealer/ Distributor option, a "Buy Now" button with unique referrals by product/ sku or list of products can assist in satisfying demand from earned site traffic and customers with purchase intent through several options:
⇒ Amazon Associates- link to the product on Amazon marketplace and Product Detail page that includes Amazon and all 3rd parties sellers as customer purchase options complete with conversion tracking
⇒ Any Channel Partner providing a value exchange for linking to their site

⇒ Direct to Customer Commerce Solution - the only method providing full Customer Profiles