For your convenience, the most common questions are answered here. Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through the Contact Us page.

Q: What are the Conversion Capability “Building Blocks” to fully leverage site traffic I am generating?

A: I feature a Comprehensive “Buy Now” Conversion and Lead Generation Strategy with Proven Tactical Execution that includes:

1. Find Authorized (by Sku or Product List) Dealer/ Distributor/ Retailer

2. Ecommerce Direct to Customer (Consumer and Business)

3. Branded Stores/ Sub-site capability including Account Based Stores, Brand Promotions, Campaigns, Product Introductions. Featuring each store capable of a custom assortment, pricing, payment types, fulfillment options, real time conversion tracking and new stores/ instances configured in as little 10 minutes

4. Associates Referral/ Affiliate Capability turn-key with up to 40% conversions, 8% fees from leads and ability to sell virtual inventory

5. Channel Partner promotion and Channel/ Partner site leads

6. “Buy Now” Button Strategy- Promote any/ all conversion options including Direct/ on-site eCommerce and Customer selection of the channel of their choice for purchase. *Each store and assortment configured uniquely to support the customer preferred options where required.

7. Foundation for Next Gen Go-to-Market options/ experimentation and Advantaged Capabilities

Q: What consulting/ contracting services do you specialize in and offer?

A: Key Areas of Expertise Are:

• A Digital First Strategy aligned with Company overall objectives and lower cost Sales, Marketing and Service interaction channel alternative
• Digit Ecosystem- ERP, Key Web Sites, Applications, Processes and Services connectivity
• Web Portal– Public/ guest domain, authenticated/ secure and Employee Business Intranet
• Mfg. Direct to Customer eCommerce
•  Transactional CRM – leverage any on-site commerce solution and order details integrated back into Salesforce to measure new customer relationship long term value
•  Channel/ Marketplace eCommerce Site Digital Merchandising – product, price, content publishing through self-serve, syndication and process automation
• Marketing Automation Platform (Pardot/ Salesforce) Campaigns, landing pages and forms
• PIM/ ERP (SAP) Integrated Product Content Management, Product Catalog fueling all internal and external product centric processes
• Account and Campaign Based & Ecommerce with configurable sub-sites on-the-fly with custom branding, assortment and pricing integrated Salesforce CRM
• Portlets- Company and Location Based sub-sites with Localized Content and Services
• KPIs and Real-time Digital Analytics (Google Suite)
•  B2C and B2B Pricing, Order Management, Logistics and Fulfillment services
• Buy Now Buttons (by Product Sku or Product List) – Find Authorized Distributors/ dealers, on-site ecommerce, partner site referrals, Amazon Associates to monetize site traffic
• B2B Account Based Pricing, order to cash automation, transaction reconciliation processes including real-time “Sale Activated Settlements”
• Multichannel campaign management/ lead management
• On-site search, faceted, search and select optimization
• Document Portals
• CPQ Configure to Price Quote tools/ Proposal Generators and Calculators
• Recommendation engines/ guided selling
• SEO/ SEM and Domain Benchmarking
• Find Authorized Dealers/ Distributors Lead Generation (Google Maps)
• Data Visualization (Tableau)
• Amazon Associates and Referrals to monetize site traffic
• Communication Platform – News, Blog, Alerts
• Knowledge and Learning Centers/ LMS
• Loyalty Programs- Cash Based and Points/ Prize Redemption
• Online Customer Service – chat, virtual agents and inline customer service
• Social Channels (product reviews, social and professional network selling, product or brand advocacy)
• Syndicated Content/ Data to increase reach of content through affiliate and industry sites
• GS1 Data/ Content Synchronization Phase I & II
• Third Party Logistics (3PL)
• Warranty innovation and support
• WCM/ CMS, Digital Asset Management
• Web content experimentation tools (A/B, multivariate)
• Web payment gateways, third party processors/ mobile payments
• YouTube Channel and video syndication
• Responsive Design, mobile first including mobile commerce; Google and Apple Store Apps
•  Agile Product Development- internal and external cross functional teams