15 plus years CPG B2B Product Owner Enterprise Digitization successfully leading cross functional teams, an innovative digital capability roadmap and all aspects of the customer facing online experience. Web Portal, Marketing Automation and Ecommerce Product Owner, selling and marketing FMCG products online to and through all Channels and Direct to all Verticals. Demonstrated proficiency standing up a Digital Ecosystem, SEO/ SEM, online merchandising, product content marketing, management and conversion generating processes to fuel on-site solutions as well as channel and marketplace sites. Business side of technology with a passion for leading innovative solutions transforming how buyers and sellers connect, interact and transact. Proven thought leader developing advantaged services and capabilities in order to succeed in tomorrow’s business operating environment.

A key Mfr. catalyst for transformation is ecommerce and conversions to generate revenue in new ways including channel collaborative solutions that streamline processes and eliminate inefficiency common in the traditional model. I can bring an organization through strategy in alignment with the organizations overall objectives, capability financial models, tactical execution, KPI tracking and then continuous improvement options. The Mfg. eCommerce Direct opportunity is not about Channel disintermediation but rather collaboration and a more efficient sell side proposition eliminating the waste and drag from the traditional Mfg. to Channel and then Channel to Customer model. I have owned the ecommerce product, marketed and sold the proposition capturing numerous insights to help achieve better outcomes faster.

Proven Direct to Customer (DTC) Ecommerce Benefits
• Customer Transactional Relationships with full Customer Profiles
• Satisfy demand for all brands, long tail items, promotional items, parts, accessories, custom products and any special process product
• Generate 6% plus Gross Margins
• FMCG/ Replenishment products- quickly build a base of $X Million recurring, annual $GM replenishment items from customers relationships initiated through the model including *channel collaborative
• B2B2B Account Based Stores- Enable Sales to close deals winning up to 80% of Premier Account RFPs eliciting, “We wish we could do all out Business this way”
• Opportunity to reduce transaction soft costs by over 90% and automate reconciliation
• Improve the Market Basket- Retargeting Customers for additional categories and 60% plus conversion rates
• Reduce Campaign cycle times to same day/ same hour – set up and transact to produce immediate ROI and full analytics including CRM integration
•New Product Introductions – pre-sell, test/ build demand, evaluate positioning and price points, attract new customers and generate leads for Channel
•Baseline all activities Discovery, Storefront, Payment Processing, Transaction Reconciliation through Fulfillment for comparison Channel models and all Customer purchase alternatives
• DTC Orders (any Commerce Solution being utilized) integrated back into (Salesforce) CRM to measure new Customer Relationship LTV (Long Term Value) and better monetize CRM investments
• Channel Co-branded Store Solutions to provide a lower cost clearing house and fulfillment option while satisfying demand from channel initiated relationships
• Provide a lower cost sales and marketing channel alternative and build demand for online
•Build Brand online awareness, create demand and support Omni Channel efforts including where to buy alternative options
•Develop Advantaged Capabilities-  access to next gen relationships and new transaction models

Through experience and transferable knowledge processes, I can lead your organization new go-to-market capabilities, more profitable revenue generating alternatives and a successful Digital Business footprint including eCommerce DTC.

Key Digital Strategies and Digital First Business Pillars We can Help You Execute Against

Helping you Strategically Deploy your Key Web Sites, Applications and Processes to Support All Internal & External Interaction. Stage the content & services for syndication partner & affiliate sites in order to reduce the costs and time to participate in external sites.

-Specializing in Full serve, Self-serve, Automating Interaction and driving towards a vision of a single, central, secure, dynamic interface and gateway to personally relevant applications/ tools, processes and information. Success will provide your organization a lower cost Sales, Marketing & Service interaction channel with content & services efficiently published or syndicated to targeted B2B/ B2C sites that sell Brands/ Categories.

No department or function is exempt from contributing to the online experience.
I possess broad and deep knowledge Leading, Initiating, Experimenting & Expanding Digital Marketing, Selling & Service Opportunities

-Dedicated to helping organizations sell more products, to more people, for more money through a portfolio of innovative tools, services & solutions that solve Customer problems, generate demand, web site traffic & drive revenue generating conversions

Operating on a principle that undoubtedly the best measure of success is revenue generated from any activity,  I provide a comprehensive conversion strategy, product roadmap and capability development to Sell & Market Online including profitable Direct to Customer ecommerce, initiating new Customer relationships and producing revenue generating leads for Channel partners. All on-site content and capabilities can be leveraged and are designed to be portable in order to more efficiently participate in Partner Sites that Sell your Brands/ Categories.

-The end goal- delivering a more efficient & effective Sales, Marketing & Service Channel. I can help you simplify and scale processes in order to participate in all targeted Partner/ Affiliate Sites with success being defined as becoming over shared in your chosen B2B/ B2C sites that sell your Brands/ Categories

With core strategy capabilities in place, I can help you deliver on a digital promise to Reduce Go-to-Market Costs While Enhancing your Customer Relationships.

Proven success delivering 6% and up Margin Improvement vs. traditional means executed through a “Digital First” proficiency. I can help your organization leverage technology to fundamentally re-engineer & enhance the way you sell, market & service products in order to transform how Businesses acquire your products & services

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